Madeleine Morlet is a photographer from London. She studied Classics and English at King's College London and for almost a decade worked in video production for companies such as Ridley Scott Associates, Vice, i-D and Somesuch. Her photography is cinematic, dark and deeply romantic (Romantics are often failed classicists). Madeleine is the Features Editor for Teeth Magazine and teaches photography at Maine Media WorkshopsShe is based in Rockport, Maine.

'I Promise I'll Never Forget' showed at Dowling Walsh Gallery September 2019. The series has been been awarded the 14th Pollux Award, Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Award, honorable mention for the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Lucie Foundation Photo Made Scholarship, Ellis-Beaugaurd Studio Residency, and been shortlisted for the Lucie Scholarship Chroma X Luxe, Belfast Photo Festival and Felix Schoeller Photo Awards.

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'Homecoming' is a dramatization of adolescence that serves to examine identity and personal relationships through the construction of imaginative narratives. Recurring locations, costumes and a local cast bind this series together and shatter any illusions that these scenarios are real. Instead, 'Homecoming' uses adolescence as an archetype for our times, pairing the desire to blend and belong with the need to define and differentiate ourselves. This series holds a mirror to my discomfort as a foreigner and a new mother, which has been punctuated by youthful ambition for friendship and concurrent feelings of isolation. This episodic series is cinematic and at times unsettling. It taps into a history of storytelling as a means of escape, a fictional counterweight to my real experiences as I return to the home. 'Homecoming ' is a personal manifestation and a reflection of our uncertain and self-conscious times.


For my first solo show at Dowling Walsh Gallery in September 2019, I will present seven episodes shot over four seasons, capturing one full annual cycle.